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Anger sessions

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Body-oriented therapy

Integral coaching

Wellness Coach

Helps us to embrace life with all its challenges

Your body serves as your instrument for sensation, movement, expression, and existence. It carries valuable insights about your daily well-being. Often, when you veer off course, it's because you've learned to disregard the signals your body sends. Over the years, it has become evident that loving your body and genuinely heeding its messages directly enhances your life's quality.

In therapy, your body is an essential tool we will work with. During our sessions, a safe space will be provided for you to embrace whatever emerges in the present moment.

These sessions draw primarily from Core Energetics, with additional elements like Polyvagal Theory, breathwork, and Voice Dialogue incorporated as needed.

Support Group

Helps us to get to know ourselves and to get clarity

Deep integral coaching offers a pathway to address both personal and professional challenges, enabling you to chart a new course in life through deliberate and conscious choices.

You have the flexibility to choose a single session, a few sessions to address specific challenges, or a series of sessions to explore various aspects of your life, relationships, or career.


This approach draws inspiration from a diverse array of techniques, including Integral Vision, Focusing, Voice Dialogue, NLP, Gestalt, Breathwork, and many more.

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