Live your life and shine

Wellness Coach

Body-oriented therapy

Helps us to embrace life with all its challenges

Our bodies are our tools to feel, move, express and live. They hold the information about our daily well-being. When we tend to go off course it is often because we have learned to ignore the signals our bodies give out. It has become clear over the years that loving the body and really listening to what it had to say, directly improves the quality of life.

In therapy, the body is a vital tool to work with. In the sessions, space will be held for you to welcome whatever arises in the moment.

The sessions are mainly inspired by Core Energetics, other modalities like Polyvagal Theory will be used.

Support Group

Integral coaching

Helps us to get to know ourselves and to get clarity

Through deep integral coaching, personal and professional challenges can be approached. A new course in life can be set by making different or more conscious choices.

You can opt for a single session,  a few sessions to engage with a certain challenge, or a series of sessions to delve into your life, relationships or career.

The work is inspired by Integral Vision, Focusing, Voice Dialogue, NLP, Gestalt, Breathwork and many more techniques.