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Testimonials: Testimonials

Having left my job with significant burnout and after an annus horribilis, a good friend recommended I go see Dirk who had worked ‘miracles’ with him. 

Ever since we have been having regular one-on-one sessions, the work is original and impactful, allowing me to reconnect with both my mind and body, releasing significant blockages that have been impacting both my mental and physical wellbeing. 

Week on week I am really feeling the benefits. Thanks for the safe environment and transformative works Dirk!

Will (36, UK)

During the weekly sessions over a period of six months and in the safety of the space created by your grounded presence, we learned to sit in the discomfort of our painful emotions and feelings without the fear of things getting out of hand.  Feeling held in our dynamic, every time, we were able to return to ourselves and register what had happened and become open and curious. Each time, you helped to guide us through and out of our fight or flight mode to a place of calm, patience, and compassion, and from there, we were able to feel and show warmth, appreciation, and love to each other again

Stef & Caroline (Couple, UK)

I have worked with Dirk extensively in bodywork therapy and other modalities. I have found him to be very observant, with good insight. He encourages you to have courage, be honest about your worries and commence a skillful journey toward resolving or improving your mental health and poor patterns of thinking and behaviour.


The space in therapy with Dirk is supportive and focused. I plan further work

William (43, UK)

Dirk offers a deeply holding, witnessing presence and space to explore, digest, integrate, and ‘stay with’ my here and now and past life experiences. There is a rare quality of spaciousness in our sessions that feels very healing – I feel held and witnessed and sensitively attuned to. He often invites me to slow down and really ‘arrive’ in the present moment and come into embodied contact with my experience. This safe grounding is helping me move towards an ability to hold a deeper presence and self-connection and, in turn, connection and intimacy in my relationships with others and the wider world.


Dirk has a broad experiential and theoretical foundation to frame and ground material with that spans the psychological, somatic, and spiritual. This gives us a useful map to understand and move within. He often helps me notice I have a tendency to intellectualise as a way to distract from ‘staying with’ the deeper felt sense of my experience, especially if painful or challenging. This is supporting me to re-sensitise and feel safe and more curious in my body. I have been able to connect with rage, grief and tenderness in a more immediate way as a result! I feel like I am moving towards a more whole, compassionate, and curious relationship with myself in his presence. I am very grateful!

Rosanna (35, UK)

After trying several kinds of traditional "talk therapy", I found Dirk's approach so refreshing, and the results were like dynamite: powerful, surprising, and sometimes felt deep underground! Patterns I'd been stuck in for years were suddenly loosening their grip before my very eyes, and I was discovering a new full-bodied sense of myself bursting out from inside.

The exercises with body and voice gave me tools I could use every day to reinforce the changes from the sessions.

I've seen 100% that unblocking the energy in the body can yield physical, emotional, and mental results far quicker and more deeply than any talking therapy alone.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dirk to anyone who is seeking to evolve to their highest potential. Dirk is earthy, insightful, compassionate, and funny - and I feel he is always on my side, rooting for me. And we've done it all over Zoom in different time zones - it works!

Tom (36, Australia)

I believe that meeting Dirk was no accident. I made the decision to attend one of his grounding workshops and found his presence to be incredibly well, just that! I felt safe in his presence and truly 'seen' which is a rare ability to have in these over-stimulated times. The following day I was visited by a host of past emotions I'd suppressed.


Whilst this was incredibly scary I also knew it was time to process it and felt sure that Dirk would be able to guide me through this. I had absolutely 0 expectations for the sessions but put my full trust in Dirk. He did not let me down. His safety created an incredible container for me to feel all the feelings (no matter how painful) and I absolutely LOVED that Dirk's way of working is to bring it 'on its feet' and occasionally act things out, bringing a physical/embodied approach to it.


I personally believe in this way more than just 'talking it out'. I often could feel old energy leaving my system or transforming- it was incredible! I cannot recommend Dirk enough! You will feel safe and held and understand what it means to create a safe container for yourself (which I've discovered is one of the most important things).

Female client (32, UK)

Dirk is very present, grounded, and sensitive. I feel very safe with him holding the space. I can be myself and explore some painful and uncomfortable parts of myself.


Even though we only meet online due to COVID restrictions, I feel a good connection with Dirk. Since working with him I have become more aware of and connected to my body.

(edit: Carol and I started to work face-to-face in 2023)

Carol (52, UK)

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