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Integral coaching

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Get to know yourself to get the most out of life

Coaching is a powerful tool to develop an inner confidence, peace and creative output, that you might sometimes experience when things go really well for you. I have been trained as an integral coach and have worked as such since 2013 and I am glad to help you to make that fully available and to reconnect to it.

Over the last decade, I have gained greatly from having people around me who knew to ask the right questions, who saw my qualities before I did, who recognised my issues without judging them and who were a little ahead on a similar path. I would like to offer you the same. I have been fully committed to getting to know myself and it is from this place that I can offer my guidance.

I have additional experience in working with men.

I am perceptive, receptive and grounded. From this place I can walk alongside you, feeding back what I experience from being with you.

I take an integral, intuitive and eclectic approach when working with you. I listen very carefully, receive you in what is alive in the moment. We will use the body as well as the mind to come up with what is necessary to go forward.

I approach questions by tapping into my experience in the following areas:

  • Emotional bodywork

  • Bio-energetics

  • Breathwork

  • NLP

  • Voice Dialogue

  • Gestalt

  • Focusing

  • Archetype work

  • Meditation

How can I help you?

Individual sessions

We can have individual sessions either to get to know each other or to go into specific questions.


We can plan a set of sessions to go deep into specific issues and longings. In these sessions, we will go into daily life experiences following a variety of techniques. The coaching and growth itself will take place in between the sessions. After all, life is the best teacher we can have!

Vision process

Do you have a longing to have a clear vision of what you want in life, regarding relationships, work, friendships, living and health? Not only a clear vision but also what the first steps could be in that direction.

The vision process is based on Theory-U and consists of a minimum of 8 sessions divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Sensing

  • Intake interview (without obligation unless we continue the process)

  • Become aware of your beliefs, patterns and judgments

  • Looking again at your life with an open mind

  • Look at your relationships and your projections showing up in them

  • Re-sense what is right and what is not

  • What has determined your choices so far?

Phase 2 – Presencing

  • Who am I, what can I do and what do I want?

Phase 3 – Realising

  • Determine motivations

  • Find unique qualities and values

  • Can my future determine my present?

  • Visualisation and creation

  • Write and sharpen vision

  • Harvest and implement

  • From this trajectory follows a vision of all important parts in your life including concrete steps to realise this vision.

Integral coaching: Services
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