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My Story

My name is Dirk Plas, and I love life.

I aim to live my life to the fullest and to enjoy every minute of it as a brand-new experience. I love to meet people, explore cultures and be in touch with nature. Nature grounds me.


My vision

I do not need to let my past experiences but the context in which I place myself determine the course of my life today. I can create that context starting from my vision. Having a clear vision of all aspects of my life gives me direction in clear and in less clear times.

My life vision becomes clearer every day; it is an ongoing developing picture. The more I know and love myself, the clearer I see what I need to thrive.


My path

I always felt there was more to life than what I was experiencing in the moment. I sensed there was more depth in relationships, more value in small things in life, more going on in my body, and more to gain out of any experiences I had. I just didn’t know how to get it.

In 2009, I started the Excellent program at Venwoude (an institute for personal development in the Netherlands), followed by the 3-year Integral Leadership Training program. I have joined and led several men’s trainings and for years, I have been attending trainings and workshops on the theme of Intimacy and Personal Leadership. I am also a certified Authentic Relating facilitator and completed a 4-year professional training in Core Energetics.

Life has always been my most truthful teacher. As I became more honest with myself, I could get to know myself more by looking at how I lived my life, made my choices, and related to those close to me.

I discovered that the better I get to know myself, the more precise and constructive the choices I make become, and the more I get out of every part of my life.

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