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Do you see your path?

This week I am camping with my partner in the mountains of the Lake District and yesterday we walked the Old Man of Coniston, a 832m rocky scramble up and then a glorious walk down through rocky grass meadows.

The Old Man

It was a clear and warm day and on the top of the mountain we had a magnificent 360 degree view of the complete surroundings of Furness Fells, Cumbria and beyond.

In that view, finding the path down was a bit of a struggle. But having an idea of where to go, we found a nuanced trail in the grass which lead us in the right direction.

There were moments where the path was vanished due to fast growing grass. I always continued and picked up the trail further on.

I gave it no thought, but afterwards my girlfriend asked me how I managed to find the trail when there was none. She just followed me without any doubt where I was going.

That made me realize this is because I had clear idea where we were supposed to end up, therefore that gave me a clear direction in moments where all indications were lacking.


I believe this is the same with the direction in our lives.

If we have a clear vision of where we need to go, the path will show up in front of you.

When we feel great, motivated and we have it all together, the path is usually clear and we can see the steps we need to take to keep on track.

But in moments where we feel a bit lost or have a hard time to find the energy to move forward, we might have difficulty to see our path.

In those moments your vision will help to direct you. The clear picture of how you want your life or the world to be, will help you to take the next step.

It’s for you to follow that vision and move the way it tells you to go. It’s also up to you to trust that the path will show itself again when the time is there.

Get your vision clear

I believe having a clear vision is the most important thing in life. It will give you a reference for all the decisions you make and all the steps you make in life. It is also your compass in moments where life seems to make no sense at all but gives you the direction you need.

Don't wait too long to make time for yourself to see we're your life needs to go and don't wast time doing things which ch are not part of your path. your vision is there, trust me, trust yourself!

How clear is your vision right now?

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