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The Oral

Your primary character trait is based on the Oral structure according to Reichian psychology. This means you're naturally skilled at interacting with people and making them feel cared for. You're intelligent, excellent at expressing yourself, and a strong communicator. You have a deep sense of empathy for those who experience injustice, and you're open to sharing your belongings and talents with others.

This character structure is linked to the early stage of human development, specifically the oral phase, which typically occurs between 6 to 18 months of age.

Main features of the Oral structure


Your body is probably longer, with most of your energy concentrated in your head while the rest of your body feels a bit drained. However, in some cases, the body may be smaller, which is more common in women.

You likely have a long neck that tends to lean forward.

Your arms and ankles are often slender.

The rest of your body tends to be somewhat hunched, with slightly slouched shoulders and a withdrawn chest.


You have a highly active and sharp mind. Typically, your mind is quite skilled at coming up with explanations for your actions, and it tends to express these explanations in a clear and abundant manner.

Your mind frequently dwells on thoughts of unfairness. You tend to offer kindness and generosity without expecting anything in return, but when you don't receive the same treatment in return, you feel like you're being treated unfairly.


You may struggle to feel stable and centered within yourself, which can make you dependent on others or religion for that sense of grounding. It's important to be cautious because you have a higher susceptibility to developing various addictions, and even when you indulge in them, it might not satisfy your needs completely.

The Oral in relationship

You're a caring and affectionate person in a relationship. You know how to express love and make your partner feel cherished. However, it's essential to recognize that your primary motivation in the relationship can sometimes be a desire to receive love.

You often experience a fear of being abandoned or losing the love you're given. This fear may stem from not receiving enough love during infancy, so now that you have it, you want to hold onto it tightly. This can sometimes lead to being overly needy and suffocating for your partner.

You really enjoy cuddling and might even prefer it to sex. When it comes to intimacy, you prefer a slow, unhurried pace. You like to prolong sexual encounters and romantic evenings with candlelight, lots of physical closeness, kissing, and deep emotional connection.

The Oral in life

You have a knack for building connections with others, which means you can create a strong support system. However, there might be times when it doesn't seem like they're giving you what you want or need, leading to some frustration or even anger.

Fairness is a core value for you. You're known for being fair in your dealings with others, ensuring that everyone gets what they deserve.

You're good at treating yourself, but sometimes you may splurge even when it's not financially wise. It's important to be mindful of your spending and stick to what you can afford.

Appreciating your own worth can be a challenge for you, especially if you're self-employed. There's a risk of undervaluing your work or undercharging your clients. It's crucial to be realistic about your skills and worth. Don't hesitate to ask for a raise or charge what you deserve; your clients will likely understand.

You tend to share your problems with others and hope they'll offer help or support. While people may understand your issues, it's essential to be specific about what you need when seeking assistance, as everyone has their own lives to deal with.

Simple exercises

Your body is feeling tired, and you're trying to recharge and reconnect with your inner energy.

Try this Staccato breathing exercise:

Inhale deeply through your nose with five quick sniffs.

Hold your breath and feel your lungs fill up.

Exhale through your mouth, making a sound as you release the breath.

Take a moment before doing it again.

Repeat for five minutes

For grounding:

Squatting down or the 'chair position' against the wall will energize your legs and help build muscle.

Roll a stick or a rubber ball under the soles of your feet to stimulate your nerve endings and feel a stronger connection to the ground. this might feel uncomfortable, but it will activate your nerve endings.

I want more

If you feel like this description resonates with you and are interested in learning more, you can schedule a free 20-minute consultation or an introductory session with me. During this session, we can delve deeper into the features and potential benefits of the Oral.

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