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The Oral

You have the Oral sturcture as your main structure. You are often good with people and you can make them feel loved. You are bright, very articulate and a good communicator. You are empathic with people that are treated unfairly and you are willing to share your gifts.


The Reichian Oral character structure is associated with the oral phase of a human's life; 6-18 months of life.

Main features of the Oral structure


Your body is likely to be long and the energy is mainly in your head, the rest of the body feels depleted. However, sometimes the body is small (mostly with women).

You likely have a long neck that is reaching forward.

Arms and anckles are often thin.

The rest of the body is likely to be a little collapsed (slightly slouching shoulders and withdrawn chest).


Your mind is very active and bright. Usually the mind comes up with justifications for your actions and they are shared articulately and in abundance.

The mind often processes thoughts of unfairness. You often give what you want to receive in an 'unconditional' way, but when it is not returned, you think you are treated unfairly. 


You might find it difficult to become grounded and find your own center. This can lead to a feeling of co-dependence, either from people or from religion. You will find your grounding in others.

Be careful: you are very prone to any kind of addiction; but it will never be 'enough'.

The Oral in relationship

You are a very loving person in relationship. You know how to give and make your partner feel loved. However, be aware that the main drive in the relationship can be to receive love.

Often you feel a fear of abandonment, a fear of losing the love you receive. You haven't received sufficient love as an infant, so now that you have it, you need to hold on to that source. This can have a needy and suffacating effect on your partner.

You really like to cuddle and might even prefer that over sex. In sexuality you prefer slow over rapid movements. You like to extend sexual sessions and romantic evenings with candlelight and lots of holding, kissing and connection.

The Oral in life

You know how to connect to people and you will create quite a support network, although it might not always feel that they give you what you want or need, or you might feel that they are not giving you enough. You might even feel a bit of anger towards others for not giving you what you need.

Fairness is a significant value in your life. You are very reliable if it comes to sharing, you make sure everything is done in a fair way and that everyone will receive what they deserve.

You often know how to treat yourself. You deserve to be treated once in a while, right? You even tend to treat yourself when there is actually no financial room for that extra spending. Be mindful of what you can afford!

It is hard for you to value what you do, so there is a danger of underearning or undercharging your customers if you are self employed.Be realistic and know your worth. You can ask for a raise if you are underearning, and your clients will appreciate if you charge what you are worth.

You tend to describe your problems and then expect people to understand you and help you out. People have their own lives to worry about. They probably understand your problems and are willing to listen, but if you need help or support, be specific in what you ask for.

Simple exercises

Your body is low on energy and the main focus is to energise and find your own center/source.


Staccato breathing exercise

Breath in with 5 powerful sniffs through the nose

Hold the breath and feel the filled lungs

Then release the breath through the mouth with a sound

Pause before repeating


Squatting will energise the legs and grow the muscles

Put a stick or a rubber ball under the soles of your feet and activate the nerve endings, then feel the connection to the floor.

I want more

If you recognize yourself in this and you want to explore more, you can book a free 20-minute consultation or an introduction session with me and we will go further into the characteristics and possibilities of the Oral.

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