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Slrr 2.2.1 Cars

Thank you for the help, it was clear and concise, I downloaded the 2.2.1 LE2MWM version and installed and downloaded a bunch of stuff and have been trying to install it, it hasn't worked yet but I tend to be stubborn and don't give up so will keep trying. Using your directions I feel confident that I can figure it out. Glad you all put up a section for us noobs.

Slrr 2.2.1 Cars

Download Zip:

This tutorial makes adding downloaded cars to any SLRR version so simple! cheers for this tutorial (I have bookmarked it for future reference in case I forget how to do it (which WILL happen!)). Great for modders or mad players. * I always forget how to add cars and parts to SLRR 2.2.1 MWM/Stage 1 Compilation. *

I have the SLRR 2.2.1 MWM but I have a problem with installing the cars when I put thefiles and then when I open SLREDITOR2 and when I add the directory and hit OK this error comes up - System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File not found - aka the JIT error. So would you be that good to tell me how to fix it????? Sorry for my bad english!!!!!

@bgmotoristto fix that right click on slrr. then click properties. click on compatibility tab. then make it compatible with windows xp service pack 3right click on slrr editor2. click properties, compatibility tab. make it compatible with windows vista service pack 2.when you want to use slrr editor run as admin everytime

I looked at this before downloading SLRR a few months ago.. It was a great help.I decided to go with MWM and LOVE this game.I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-80 cars Ive downloaded and recommend this site and game constantly to anyone who is into cars!

brianpham48 asked: Hi I have noticed that you also have BB93 SLRR just like me! but I noticed you were able to gather all your cars on the Test Track which is amazing! I want to try also but don't know how. I have all my cars in my garage but would like to set them on to the parking lot. DO you thing you could message me back a quick Tutorial that would be great thanks!

This is the simplest guide to duping cars:For unlatched retail version see below on windows XP having installed the game in the default directory right click on the start button and press explore. Find the C: drive then open it. Then find a folder called program files open that, then open a folder called Activision Value. After that open a folder named 'save' then find you respective save game. 000 means slot 1 in the saved game slot 001 means slot2 and so on. then copy a file called playerCar0 (the number is the slot which the car is in, in your car lot, again playerCar0 is your first car). If you want to sell your cars then do not copy the playerCar*.1, playerCar*.2 and so on. If you want to keep the cars you dupe then copy these files and rename them as appropriate, these are the texture files.For the patched version (2.1.9r5 and 2.2.1)Do the same as above but instead open the save file then press carrier and open it then open the respective career folder and copy the cars.

Currently, there are three patches for the game: the 2.2.1 MWM (by Miran & Wichur), 2.3.0 Live Edition (by Raxat), and SLRR2015 (by Bigg Boss93, available on[3]). The latest version (2.3.1) was released on Steam and is gradually improved by the Russian game developer ImageCode in collaboration with Raxat.

Thousands of mods were made for this game, including vehicles, parts for said vehicles, tracks (Some mods only work on the 2.2.1 MWM version), sounds, menu interfaces, and textures. Because some of the versions of the game are highly unstable, it is highly likely to crash when too many mods are installed mainly on the 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 versions.

This trick requires you to adjust your game files, so do this on your own risk.To make copies of your car, first go to the game directory ("...street legal redlinesave00(your place in users menu)").There should be two files plus other files that represent the cars that you have. Simply copy the file "PlayerCar0" (or whatever car file that you want) and paste them. Then change their names to "PlayerCar1", "PlayerCar2", "PlayerCar3", and so on.Now go to the garage in the game, and you will find copies of your original car. (To get money easily, you can make copies of your car and then sell them.)


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