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[S4E3] Pleasantries

Actually Historically Henry and Katherine were met at the city gates by local dignitaries and presents were given and pleasantries exchanged. Then they went to a prepared tent to change. Henry changed from Green to an outfit of Cloth of Gold, and Katherine from Crimson to Cloth of Silver, then they entered the Cathedral. It was a public occasion and there were a lot of records of what they did, and what they wore. (14)

[S4E3] Pleasantries

Booth arrives to pick up Brennan early in the morning. She isn't expecting him and opens the door grumpily. Mark Gaffney is in Brennan's apartment as well, and after an awkward exchange of pleasantries, Booth whisks Brennan off to look at some "pre-breakfast remains."

This also disrupted Nia's Future Entry and allows Shido and Kotori to move again, where Shido immediately summoned Sandalphon and chopped up the frozen monsters. After hearing Nia scream again, Shido uses Miku's Gabriel to pull Nia's consciousness. As it seemingly beings to work, another Wizard appeared out of nowhere and knocked him and Kotori to the ground, and then proceeds to stab Nia and remove a crystal from her chest. Shido then hears Origami call the Wizard "Artemisia Ashcroft". After this, Westcott appeared as well and, after exchanging pleasantries with Shido, quickly grabs Nia's Qlipha Crystal. He states that he was now closer to fulfilling his deepest desires and put the inverted Sephira crystal in his chest. After letting out an agonizing scream, Westcott grins and let out a crazed evil laugh. 041b061a72


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