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The man behind the mask

Who are we as men in four of the most precious and delicate areas of our lives? What do we show and what do we hide?
The man behind the mask

Time & Location

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About the event

What is this workshop about?

We all have a mask. The mask is the layer of ourselves that is visible to the world. It contains all our strategies to survive, developed at a very young age and shaped to perfection during our life span. By showing our mask, we avoid being hurt, adapt, try to belong, look strong, or show it all doesn't matter to us. 

The more we identify with the mask, the less willingness we have to lower it. In the meanwhile, we spend a lot of energy creating and perfecting this mask. Energy which we can make available for other parts of ourselves if we are willing to have more awareness around our mask and find the willingness to show more of ourselves.

In this workshop, we will explore and penetrate our masks. Who is that man behind it? 

We will explore and unfold four significant subjects in our lives:

  • The relationship with our father
  • The motherwound and its impact
  • Intimacy, sex and relationships
  • Showing up and claiming our power

The workshop exists of six sessions 7 pm - 9:30 pm with a 2 to 3-week interval.

The first session will be an introduction and we will ground ourselves, feel into the group and build the trust which is needed.

During the next four sessions, we will dive into the mentioned subjects. There will be space for sharing, processing and practices.

In the sixth session, we will be sharing our vision, creating a first practical step and seeing if we can support each other from there. We will ask ourselves questions like: How do I want to be in these areas? Who do I want to be in relationships? What kind of man am I in essence?

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anybody who identifies as male. 

I believe that to fully explore some of the areas and patterns in our lives as men, we need the sacred space exclusively created by men.

Content of the workshop

The total workshop includes the following:

  • Six in-person 2.5-hour sessions (including coffee, tea and snacks)
  • Practices and buddy calls in between the sessions for support
  • A private online space to support each other in the process
  • A zoom session 6 weeks after the closure of the workshop
  • A support group of (max) 8 men that you can use as a backbone
  • Optional 1-to-1 support

The content of the course is inspired by different modalities:

  • Authentic Relating
  • Core Energetics
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Integral Vision
  • Gestalt
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • and many more

At the end of the workshop, we will discuss the option of a possible follow-up. Maybe in the shape of a fortnightly or monthly gathering.

Where and when will this take place?

The plan is that sessions will take place on a Tuesday night in a venue in London. Though the day and location of the venue are dependent on the availability of the venue and the preferences of the group. Options are: 

  • the peaceful cabin behind Queens Wood Cafe
  • A beautiful place near Wimbledon Park

The sessions will start when there is a group of eight committed men and the frequency will be 2-3 weeks.


The investment will be £225 all in (with the exception of the optional 1-to-1 support).

Following this workshop, I am open to creating a regular group in which we can meet.

  • Single spot

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