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The Inspirer

You are a leader, you inspire people when you tell them about your vision. People will follow you! You are the one that gets things done. You know how to move people in the direction you want to go. 

The main Reichian character structure of the Inspirer is the Psychopathic structure (not to be confused with Hitchcock's Psycho) and its development phase is 2 to 4 years of a human's life.

Main features of the Psychopathic structure


If you are a man, your upper body is likely to be strong and well-developed, your chest is somewhat forward and the energy is mainly in the upper chest, shoulders and head.

For women, the energy is mainly located around the hips, pelvis  and upper legs.

The breathing is likely to be shallow and frequent and your look can be very intense.


Your mind is flexible with the truth and you can bend how you present reality in ways that serve your purpose or make others feel lost in your arguments. This allows you to gain or maintain control over any situation.

People with a psychopathic structure are often very intelligent. They can make swift decisions and are very solution-oriented.


You likely want integrity.

You often feel alone on your path.

It is hard for you to really connect to people on a heart level. Sometimes it is difficult for you to trust people, to show empathy, or feel compassionate with what people go through.

The Inspirer in relationship

You are very independent in relationship with a partner. You need your freedom to be able to fulfil your needs. However, you also you enjoy supporting and helping your partner. This will help you to feel purposeful in the relationship.


Next to your relationships you are likely to have a lot of friendships and connections that are important to you. You have a great ability to help them to with advice or mediation.

Empathy and compassion are often a challenge for you in relationship. Really being in the world of your partner and see things from their perspective is difficult.

The Inspirer in life

You are a born leader and show great leadership in work. You are intelligent and a visionary and know how to inspire people with your vision and get them to support that vision to be executed. The pitfall here is that you are 'using' people to get things done, overstepping their own needs.

You have great self-esteem and are therefore really going forward in life. Not many things can stop you in what you feel you need to do or achieve.

It might be difficult for you to fall asleep. You might feel tense when you are in bed, think a lot, preventing your surrender to the tiredness of the body. 

You are likely to have a fast brain and therefore you are able to make split-second decisions when needed, this makes you often successful in business. You will make decisions on the spot and swiftly deal with the consequences when the decision turns out to be the wrong one.

You will likely have difficulty with vulnerability or surrendering to someone else's truth, so your ability to persuade is strong, even aggressive if need be. You usually think you know better than others, the world is slightly behind.

Simple exercises

What is important for you is deflating the upper charge and connect to the lower body.

One breathing exercise is the following:

Breath in as deep as you can, expand your tummy, not the chest

When the lungs seem full, see if you can grasp a little more air

Hold for 5 seconds

Breath out in 7 seconds

Repeat 10 times

For more grounding, you can squat in a chair position against a wall until you feel discomfort in your legs. When you are working on the legs, see if you can relax the upper body. This way, we are changing the 'upwards' energy to 'downwards'.

Ask to be held by a partner or a friend and surrender your body or head. You can use each exhale to let go of the tension in your body. Feel how it is to relax.

I want more

If you recognize yourself in this and you want to explore more, you can book a free 20-minute consultation or an introduction session with me, and we will go further into the characteristics and possibilities of the Inspirer.

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