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The Dramatic Portrait: The Art Of Crafting Light And [2021]

Without light, there is no photograph. As almost every photographer knows, the word "photograph" has its roots in two Greek words that, together, mean "drawing with light." But what is less commonly acknowledged and understood is the role that shadow plays in creating striking, expressive imagery, especially in portraiture. It is through deft, nuanced use of both light and shadow that you can move beyond shooting simply ordinary, competent headshots into the realm of creating dramatic portraiture that can so powerfully convey a subject's inner essence, communicate a personal narrative, and express your photographic vision.

The Dramatic Portrait: The Art Of Crafting Light And

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As previously mentioned, I have attended numerous workshops in the past. Very recently I heard a seminar instructor incorrectly describe the classic lighting styles of paramount, loop, Rembrandt, split, and what constitutes broad and short light respectfully within each of these styles. So I know misinformation is out there. What Knight does in this volume is not only clarify what forms each lighting style but how to create it and how to find out when you have slipped out of the classic technique. Knight does warn that if you are looking for exact measurements regarding positions and placements of lighting/modifiers, you are in the wrong place: "If it were that formulaic, photography would not be a craft." The highlight of this chapter for me was the use of the lighting to create mood, not just to light a face. Knight is known for his dramatic flair, so fans of his work will certainly appreciate the insight into the thought process which creates his stunning imagery. 350c69d7ab


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