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Kanye West - Heard Em Say HQ !!TOP!!

His pedigree proceeding him, you almost had to snoot at the notion that a Marley was supposedly responsible for the dancehall anthem of the year. Doesn't their post-Bob legacy represent everything wrong with the Grammy-baiting mainstream of modern Jamaican music? But the first time you actually heard "Welcome to Jamrock"-- the hypnotic righteousness of the voice; the oddly slow, apocalyptic digi-skank groove; the accumulated hip-hop feeling-- knowledge was immediate, physical.

Kanye West - Heard Em Say HQ

Caught in a ProTools hall of multitrack mirrors, Amerie lays out her own ambivalence and desire by singing against herself, but churchy nice girl oohs and ahhs can't fight the sweat and need of that lead vocal. She's more than halfway across the room, high heels clicking across the floor in anticipation of...something. The remixes were sweet and Mara Carlyle's fluttery cover was sweeter, but it was Amerie's original song that ruled the parties of 2005: You heard it at your snobby Sónar Festival aftershow soirees, your beer run to 7-11, at your local gay sauna, your sorority's spring formal, whatever, and everywhere the topic got kicked around: What is the 1 thing? In projecting a hallucinatory, unspeakable core to sexual desire this tune is very Bush era (adios, abstinence education) and you could call its tightlipped stance a cop out, but it's also a pretty fucking smart move to wrap perfect pop around a question that stays open all night. Still, with anything less than a full on vocal performance, this track would have boiled down to a hot beat spiked on a men's magazine sex tip ("The 1 Thing That'll Drive Her Wild"). Instead, Amerie burns this song to the ground. --Drew Daniel

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