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Official Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 Sprint USA Stock Rom Extra Quality

im owner of samsung galaxy s4 i9500 , my problem is i cannot connect to pc , i done everything install uninstall kies , driver , usb search web but still no solution , i want to know it is hardware or software problem and how to fix it ..thanks

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 Sprint USA Stock Rom

Download Zip:

data factory reset from system recovery did not work.I want to give you some background about my S4. I first used cyanogenmod installer to put cyanogenmod 11 onto the phone. I then used samsung kies to reset my system back to stock and now this stock firmware got rid of my wifi and really slowed down my phone. I know I made a huge mistake doing this, I did not expect this stuff to be so complicated. Is there any way to save my phone? I would really really appreciate your help as it would be a huge loss if this phone is dead.

hi i need help if anybody can help me plz.i bought new samsung galaxy s4 gti9500 made in china.but i live in italy and unable to use all google related apps like playstore youtube etc.i want to change firmware to any international firmware.i have installed kies,usb drivers but cant install odon.when i install odin on pc n unzip its exe file gives error cant install in foriegn if possible to change firmware without odin?and from where to download international firmware?italian does not exist.plz help me.

Hello there,Had my sprint l720 flashed recently unfortunately I got no edge option, instead I managed APN manager and titanium which gives me 3G and 4G, this is quite expensive for me. Each time I have put credit in my phone it goes in seconds no matter how much. Meanwhile the S3 mini which has EDGE, once credited goes for weeks.Is there anyway I can enable or install EDGE on the Sprint galaxy, If so how do I go about it?

hi. i needed some information. i bought samsung galaxy s4 from USA on AT&T from craigslist and got to know that it is locked. when i came back to Pakistan i got it unlocked. now i am going to USA again so i was wondering that would it work with a t mobile sim card? can anyone help please?

My daughter gave me her samsung galaxy s4 sch-1545 but it is verizon and I'm on Cricket. Cricket is telling me I can't use their sim card in a verizon phone. Has anyone done this and will the unlock work?

I'm hoping to flash the stock rom back onto my device so I can update the PRL. I downloaded the file on The file that I download was found "Firmware archive" for Sprint's SPH-L720 (Galaxy S4).

  • TowelRoot is the best app to root more Samsung Galaxy devices whice are running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat but after upgrading to NF update TowelRoot will not root your phone anymore because Samsung has been patched the kernel in the latest update.By using this guide I will help you to root the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3 on NF update or later on 4.4.2 KitKat.Requirements :Charged Samsung galaxy S4, galaxy S5, galaxy Note 3 running on NF update or later.

  • Kernel files

  • Odin3 (any version).

  • Installed Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile USB driver.

  • TowelRoot Apk by Geohot

  • Read notes before starting please.

  • Instructions :This process WON'T wipe your data, but backup your phone just in case this process corrupt your data.

  • Download then unzip your phone kernel files.

  • Flash Model_ROOT_Kernel.tar.md5 file using odin3 in PDA or AP section.

  • Make sure Re-Partition is NOT selected.After your device boot up

  • Root your device using TowelRoot method by following this guide : [1-Click Root] Galaxy S4/S5/Note 3 Using TowelRoot Method

  • Make sure your phone is rooted ...

  • Flash back the specific kernel for your phone build number using Odin3 in PDA or AP section.

  • Congratulation, your phone is rooted on the latest update without tripping binary or KNOX counter.This video was made for Galaxy S5 but it's exactly the same steps for Galaxy S4 and Note 3YT video link : =VqxSvsUMYcoNotes:Use this guide at your own risk.

  • Please make sure you download the specific kernel files for your phone model number.

  • If your device stuck in bootloop after flashing the ROOT kernel, wipe cache/dalvik from recovery mode will fix it.

  • This will not trip binary or KNOX counter, but it might change system status to custom.

  • To unroot your device --> Open SuperSU app / Settings / Full UnRoot then flash stock FW

  • The following models are the only supported devices till now.

  • After flashing ROOT kennel, you might face more force close (its normal), so that its better to disable S Health before flashing ROOT kernel (you can enable it after flashing your system kernel)

  • WiFi will not work also after flashing ROOT kernel, but you can fix it after rooting by flashing your system kernel.

  • For #SprintGalaxyS4 #L720, #TMobileGalaxyS4 #M919, #Verizon_Galaxy_S4_Mini #I435 use the following steps :- Open #TowelRoot_v3 and tap 3 times on "welcome to towelroot v3" a new field will appear- Change the value from : 1337 0 1 0 4 0to : 1337 0 1 7380 4 0- Now click "make it ra1n"

  • Downloads :Odin3 v3.04HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE

  • Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE

  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE

  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE

  • TowelRoot Apk HERE V2 HERE offline V3 HERE.

- Samsung Galaxy S3 Model Number Download Link SGH-I747M Canadian [ROOT] - NF2 - NH2 - OB1SPH-L710 US (Sprint) [ROOT] - NJ2SGH-T999V Canadian[ROOT] - NH2- Samsung Galaxy S4 Model Number Download Link GT-I9505 International (LTE)[ROOT] - NF1 - NG2 - NG8 - NH6 - NH7 - NH8 - NJ1 - NI2 - NJ3 - NJ5 - NJ8 - NK2- NK4 - NL1SCH-I545 US (Verizon)[ROOT] - NG6 - NK1 SCH-I545L[ROOT] - NK1 SCH-R970 US (US Cellular)[ROOT] - NF6 - NK1SCH-R970X US (C-Spire) [ROOT] - NK1SGH-I337 US (AT&T) [ROOT] - NI1 - NJ4 SGH-I337M Canadian[ROOT] - NI2 - NJ1- NK1 - OA1 SGH-M919 US (T-Mobile) [ROOT] - NH7 - NK2 SGH-M919V[ROOT] - NH3 - NJ1SPH-L720 US (Sprint)[ROOT] - NG2SPH-L720T US (Sprint)[ROOT] - NG5 - OA3GT-I9195 International (LTE) Mini [ROOT] - NF7 - NH5 - NK1SCH-I435 US (Verizon) Mini[ROOT] - NK1 - OC1SPH-L520 US (Sprint) Mini [ROOT] - NJ1SGH-I537 US (AT&T) Active [ROOT] - NH3GT-I9295 Active[ROOT] - NH2 - NI1 - NK4 GT-I9515 Value Edition[ROOT] - NG1 - NI2 - NI3 - NJ2 - NK2GT-I9515L Latin Value Edition [ROOT] - NK1 - NJ1- Samsung Galaxy S5 Model Number Download Link SM-G900A US (AT&T)[ROOT] - NG3 - OA1SM-G900F International (LTE)[ROOT] - NF6 - NG2 - NG4 - NG7 - NG9- NH6 - NI2 - NI3 - NI4 - NJ1 - NK7 - NL1SM-G900I Australian [ROOT] - NG3 - NI2 - NI3 - NK1 SM-G900K Korean [ROOT] - NH3 - NI2SM-G900L Korean[ROOT] - NG1 - NH3 - NI1SM-G900M South America[ROOT] - NG5 - NH2 - NI1 - NJ2 SM-G900P US (Sprint)[ROOT] - NI3 - NK4 SM-G900R4 US (US Cellular)[ROOT] - NG3 - NK1 SM-G900T US (T-Mobile)[ROOT] - NF6 - NG3 - NG4 - NH5 - NK2 SM-G900V US (Verizon)[ROOT] - NE9 - NHA - NI2 - NK2 - NK7SM-G870A US (AT&T) Active[ROOT] - NG3 - OA1SM-G900W8 Canadian[ROOT] - NF3 - NF4 - NH3 - NJ1 - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model Number Download Link SM-N9005 International (LTE)[ROOT] - NF4 - NG1 - NG2 - NH1 - NI4- NJ1 - NJ2 - ZTUFNJ1 - NK1SM-N9005D Chinese[ROOT] - NG2SM-N900P US (Sprint) [ROOT] - NH7 [NOT TESTED]SM-N900T US (T-Mobile)[ROOT] - NF1 - NF4 - NK3SM-N900W8 Canadian [ROOT] - NI1 - NJ1- Other devices Model Number Download Link SM-T530 Tab 4 10.1" (WiFi)[ROOT] - NH7 - OA1 - OD8SM-T530NU Tab 4 10.1" (WiFi)[ROOT] - NK1 - NK3 - OA2SM-P600 Note 10.1" 2014 (WiFi)[ROOT] - NH3Sep 14 : Added new models G900I, G900L, I747M, I9195 G870A.Oct 14 : Added new models I337M, I537 and I545 Added (NG7, NI4kernel for G900F), (NH7 and NI2 kernel for I9505), (NG5 kernel for G900M) and (NH1 kernel for N9005)Nov 14 : Added new models N900W8, M919V,N900A and N900V Added (NI3, NJ1, NF6 kernel for G900F), (NH6, NJ1, NJ3, NJ8 kernel for I9505), (NI4, NJ1, NJ2for N9005), (NI1, NJ2 for G900M), (NJ1 kernel for N900W8), (NJ1 kernel for G900W8), (NI2 kernel for G900I), (NJ4 4.4.4 kernel for I337), (NK3 kernel for N900T)Dec 14 : Added new models G900P, G900K,I9515, I9515L, I9295 andI435. Added (NK2, NK4, NL1 kernel for I9505), (NL1 kernel for G900F), (NK1 kernel for R970) (NK1 kernel for I545), (NK1 kernel for I337M), (NK2 kernel for M919), (NK1 kernel for G900R4), (NK2 kernel for G900T), (NJ2 kernel for I9515), (NK2 4.4.4 kernel for G900V), (NK1 kernel for I9195), (ZTUFNJ1 kernel for N9005)Jan 15 : Added new model N900R4 Galaxy Note3 US Cellular Added (NK7 kernel for G900F)04 Feb : Added NK7 kernel for G900V, OA1 kernel for G900A05 Feb : Added new model T530 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1"07 Feb : Added NJ5 kernel for I950508 Feb : Added NK1 kernel for N900510 Feb : Added new model L710 Sprint galaxy S3 Added NJ1 kernel for I337M, OA1 kernel for G870A Added new model T530NU Galaxy Tab 4 10.1"14 Feb : Added OA1 kernel for I337M Added new model T999V Galaxy S3 Added new model I545L Galaxy S4 Added new model R970X C-Spire Galaxy S409 Mar : Added new model SPH-L520 Sprint galaxy S4 Mini13 Mar : Added OB1 kernel for I747M19 Mar : Added new model SM-P600 galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi 2014 Edition22 Apr : Added OA3 kernel for L720T26 Apr : Added NK3 kernel for T530NU16 MAy : Added OA1 and OD8 kernel for T53026 Jun : Added NK1 kernel for I9515 createSummaryAndThumb("summary6405867992624424627");

  • Safe root Android 4.3 jelly bean for Samsung galaxy S3, S4 and other without tripping KNOX warranty (KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0)This rooting method is working for a wide range of Android device (not only Samsung), it can also root devices which are running Android 4.2Requirements :Samsung galaxy device or other

  • USB cable

  • Windows or Mac PC

  • Rooting tool

  • Before starting :Download and install USB driver of your device

  • Download and unzip Saferoot tool

  • Put your device in "USB debugging" mode (Settings > Developer options)

  • Backup your data just in case of this process corrupt your data

  • Steps :Open "run.bat" or "install.bat"

  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable

  • Accept when your device display "Allow USB debugging" message

  • Follow the instructions

  • After finishing root process, go to play store and update SuperSU

  • DoneYT video link : =GiZ7D2zjJdANotes :This tool can root more android devices and it is harmless if it fails to root your device.

  • This process won't delete any data, but backup your important data just in case this process corrupt your files.

  • Rooting by using this method will not change the binary or KNOX counter.

  • The status of the system will be changed to custom.

  • If you would like to restore system status to official, flash stock Rom.

  • I am not responsible for any damage to your device (use this AT YOUR OWN RISK).

  • Credit goes to "k1mu" who modify root exploit to work on 4.3 with SELinux enforcing

  • Xda thread

  • Tested and worked for : - SCH-I545 Verizon Galaxy S4 ME7,MJ7,MK2- SGH-I337 ATT Galaxy S4 MK2, MK6- SGH-I337M Canadian Galaxy S4- SGH-M919 T-Mobile Galaxy S4 MK2- GT-I9505 LTE Galaxy S4 MH6, MKE, MKF, MJ5- GT-I9500 3G Galaxy S4 MK1- SPH-L720 Sprint Galaxy S4- SCH-I435 Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini MK5- GT-I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini MK4- SPH-L520 Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini- SCH-I535 Verizon Galaxy S3 - MK2, MJ3- SGH-I747 AT&T Galaxy S3- SGH-1747M Canadian/Bell Galaxy S3- SGT-T999 AT&T Galaxy S3- SGH-T999L T-Mobile Galaxy S3 4.3- SGH-T999V Wind Galaxy S3 4.3- GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 4.2 & 4.3- SPH-L710 Sprint Galaxy S3- SCH-R530C Cricket Galaxy S3- SCH-R530U US Cellular Galaxy S3- SCH-R530X Alltell Galaxy S3 MK4- SCH-L710 CSpire Galaxy S3- SCH-I605 Verizon Galaxy Note 2 4.3- GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2 MKA- SGH-I317M Telus Galaxy Note 2- GT-P5513 Galaxy Tab 2- Razr HD 9.30.1- Razr M 98.18.94,98.30.1- Kindle Fire HD- Verizon HTC One- .....Downloads :Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE

  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE

  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE

  • on xda thread or my rewritten script HERE



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