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Best Buy Community Grants 2017

As part of its ongoing commitment to rural communities across the country, FRS provides annual grants for rural communities served by NTCA members. The goal of this program is to support local efforts to build and sustain a high quality of life in rural America.This program supports organizations and projects that fit into the following categories:Business and economic development: support for entrepreneurship and job creation projectsCommunity development: support for outreach projects that advance technology learning and innovation, as well as for projects that encourage rural development through arts and tourismEducation: support for technology in the classroom, including computers and smartboards, as well as curriculum development, extracurricular activities, and distance-learning programsTelecommunications: support for broadband adoption projects; applications of broadband, including in health care, agriculture, and education; and technology infrastructure, such as community hot spots

best buy community grants 2017

The 2022 parks and nature levy renewal was strongly supported, and all programs are moving ahead. Land acquisitions are underway, the Nature in Neighborhoods capital grants pilot program launches soon, work continues at Blue Lake Park, the City of Tualatin made an acquisition with its local share allocation, trails grants have been awarded, letters of intent were submitted for the large scale community visions program, and the Natural Areas Oversight Committee will have its next formal meeting in December.

Each of the 2019 parks and nature bond measure programs is up and running. The last two, capital grants and the large-scale community visions programs, kicked off recently, and the rest are starting to speed along.

And so, as choir leaders, we are forced to spend countless hours of research to find the right grants for our chorus. In this article, I will help you narrow down the best-suited grants specifically for adult community choruses.

For more national, regional, and statewide grant opportunities, download our grants database for community choruses featuring over 1,000 grants! For tips on the grant application process, visit our blog "Best Practices: Community Chorus Grant Applications."

Opportunity Zones are a federal economic development and community development tax benefit established as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act available to investors with capital gains designed to encourage long-term private investment in low-income urban, suburban and rural census tracts.

Best Buy Canada focuses its community investment on supporting youth to connect with technology to inspire, motivate and empower their education. Through this mission, Best Buy has provided more than 150 Canadian schools with grants to purchase new technology, in addition to offering post-secondary scholarships and supporting youth with hands on tech learning opportunities.

This marks the third year of the program, which is funded through the Global Cornell initiative. In the first two years, the program awarded grants to 38 faculty-led projects that engaged community partners in countries across the world. Projects that receive grants meet the goals of the Global Cornell initiative to incorporate international and cross-cultural concepts into the curriculum.

The Walmart Foundation has awarded grants of more than $67 million to benefit smallholders in Central America, India and Mexico since 2017. These grants are expected to reach over 730,000 smallholder farmers (44% of whom are women) through programs aimed at enhancing farmer livelihoods and value chains, encouraging the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices, unlocking access to finance, growing formal market linkages, strengthening Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and empowering women farmers in FPOs. A major part of the program focuses on India, where the Walmart Foundation has met its five-year commitment to invest $25 million to improve farmer livelihoods.

The NFL Hometown Huddle is a league-wide day of service and play each fall where the Panthers work with the United Way to make special community visits promoting the PLAY 60 message and importance of community service. In celebration of Hometown Huddle, the Panthers award PLAY 60 grants to schools and service organizations across North and South Carolina to support youth health and wellness programs. 041b061a72


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