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The Endurer

You are a hard working person. You have a big heart and are very caring. You are strong, reliable and very protective of your loved ones! You have a strong will power and get things done, no matter what!

The main Reichian character structure of the Endurer is the Masochist structure and is associated with the autonomy phase of a human's life; 18 - 36 months.

Main features of the Masochist structure


Your body is likely to be well developed around the shoulders and neck, as well as the legs.

Most charge is between the pelvis and the throat, this part of the body often has some excess.

Your buttocks are likely to be a bit 'drawn in' and the feet are often flat, no curve.

The torso might feel permanently charged (pressure), more so when in a stressful situation, or when some action needs to be undertaken, leading to procrastination or cancelation.


Your mind is very busy. There is usually a lot of focus on minor details. This is a way to avoid feelings, which are usually very present, but not expressed.

When a choice needs to be made, a lot of weighing of cons and pros often leads to procrastination.

When felt needs are not expressed, the mind might go to frustration, (self)judgement, and blaming with passive aggressive behaviour as a result.


You are likely to be too preoccupied or restless to take the time to meditate and seeking connection with higher self/power. When meditating, the mind wonders and needs to do something. There might even be self judgement that you are taking the time to do 'nothing'.

The Endurer in relationship

You are very caring and genuinely supportive towards your partner, but there is a danger of losing yourself and forgetting your needs. This might even be showing up as pleasing behavior. You likely have the idea that you have to earn your love.

You are protective, strong, and reliable, a hard-working person. However, there is a need to be confirmed and recognized by your partner for this hard work.

In a conflict, you probably tend to give in. You often take things personally and feel that you are made wrong. You will even blame yourself for stressful situations in your relationship and tend to fix yourself through therapy instead of exploring the dynamic between you and your partner.

You likely have a strong sex drive when you are in a relationship.

You don't give up that easily, you will fight for your relationship even in really hard times. You will stay until you are sure this is not the relationship of your life.

The relationship with yourself is often poor. You are likely not very content with yourself or how you live. Often the inner conflict is felt between needing to give and wanting to take.

The Endurer in life

Your strong willpower can make you do anything you want. And you will finish the task, no matter what!


You often want to help and support others and come across as pleasant and joyful. It is easy for you to pick up the needs of others while you hardly express your own needs. They tend to be less important.


Due to anxiety when an activity is to be started, it is very common that you will procrastinate. It is hard for you to feel relaxed when you need to perform.

On the outside, you often appear calm and grounded, while your inner world can be very stressful. You often sense negative emotions like anger and frustration but will not express these emotions directly. However, it is quite common that you will have spite towards others, complain or show passive-aggressive behavior.

'No' is likely not part of your vocabulary. You often take on more than you can handle. You will be the one to take on the tasks everyone else avoids. "Somebody needs to do it, it might as well be me!"

Simple exercises

The focus should be on your own needs and boundaries and the expression of those.

Try to repeat the following mantra several times a day:

"To me, my needs are more important than others!"

Notice what you feel when expressing these words.

The body is often tight. Contracted muscles in the neck and shoulders, stiff hips, and short hamstrings. Stretching is very important for the body of the Endurer.

Yin yoga is recommended.

I want more

If you recognize yourself in this and you want to explore more, you can book a free 20-minute consultation or an introduction session with me and we will go further into the characteristics and possibilities of the Endurer.

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