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The Creator

You as a creator have a beautifully creative mind which is limitless if you allow it to be. You can create anything you want. You dream abundantly and in your mind anything is possible!

The main Reichian character structure of the Creator is the Schizoid structure and is associated with the first phase of a human's life; 2 months before birth to 2 - 8 weeks of life.

Main features of the Schizoid structure


Your body is likely to be slim and fragile with most energy located in the shoulders and head. It is hard for you to connect to the rest of your body, which makes it difficult to feel emotions.

Your hands and feet are the first to get cold when situations of stress arise.

Your body tends to be a bit fragmented (asymmetric) to prevent the energy from flowing.


Your mind is very creative. You are a daydreamer and tend to dissociate into your own safe space when you feel discomfort.

You mostly think of what you should feel in certain situations, instead of actually feeling those things.

In relationship you often feel unsafe, so you follow your concept of relationships rather than experience them.


You are very connected to energies from above. You are almost a channel for the higher powers.

Naturally you are looking for support from above, rather than connect to your peers.

It is easy for you to energetically leave your body.

The Creator in relationship

You are comfortable being with yourself and feel ok not being in a relationship.


When you are in a relationship, you are more connected to the concept of the person, how you would describe the person, than to the person themselves. You will contribute what you think is necessary to keep the relationship healthy. It is rather hard to feel what is actually needed or what you actually need. Although you are usually a loving partner, intimacy is often a challenge.

You love (or often need) to hear that you are welcome and loved; it is hard for you to pick that up from gestures or energy. You are often easily swept off your feet when in an argument with your partner, it is often hard to ground yourself in those situations.

The Creator in life

You are the creator of your own life, and you are a master of just that. That also creates lots of opportunities to feel content and happy.


You probably experience quite some tension and fear in social gatherings. You are very sensitive to aggression, and when it appears, you will dissociate, retire and protect yourself. So social gatherings are often challenging for you, and you often tend to avoid them if possible.

'Breathing is feeling' is an expression often used in bodywork. This expression is most applicable to you as a creator. You often have shallow and fast breaths, which prevents you from really feeling what is going on in your body. This also causes you to float through the day, not really present to the details of your life.

You tend to pick up multiple tasks at once. Your energy is often that of a puppy. Whenever something new and interesting arises, you will follow that impulse. You are a creator and not a finisher, so most of your projects are unfinished.

Simple exercises

What is important for you is grounding and, thus, breathing.

One breathing exercise is the following:

Breath in for 5 seconds

Hold for 5 seconds

Breath out in 5 seconds

Hold for 5 seconds

Repeat 10 times

For more grounding, you can squat in a chair position against a wall until you feel discomfort in your legs. Explore what your mind is doing and see if you can stay with the sensations in your legs instead of dissociating.

I want more

If you recognize yourself in this and you want to explore more, you can book a free 20-minute consultation or an introduction session with me and we will go further into the characteristics and possibilities of the Creator.

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