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The Achiever

You are likely to be a person with much pride and will always deliver quality to perfection. You care what people think of how you appear or perform. You are very intelligent, and you trust that intellect more than your impulses. You often know 'how it is supposed to be'.

The main Reichian character structure of the Achiever is the Rigid structure, and develops in the oedipal period; 4 to 6 years of a human's life.

Main features of the Rigid structure


Your jaw is usually set, showing determination.

Your upper body is likely to be straight, radiating self-esteem. If you are a woman you will have flexibility in the hips; men tend to have less flexibility. Men tend to move a little more 'robotic'.

When standing your weight is often on one leg, a bit like an Alpha male/female posture.




You are likely to be intelligent and your mind is very orderly. Logic and structured thinking is your thing.

Your mind is always figuring out what is going on in a certain situation.
You don't like uncertainty so you always want to know where you stand.


You likely want integrity and security and have some resistance towards unproven philosophies. Strong religions might also be challenging.

You often feel unloved and need to prove your love, you will do that by achieving and delivering perfection.
Surrendering to love or the divine is the biggest challenge of all.

The Achiever in relationship

You are likely to be attractive, and a wanted partner. You radiate security, decisiveness, and self-esteem. You are well-built and have a strong appearance. It is often easy for you to get into a relationship.


You often put the minimum of effort into the relationship, but just like a business, you are very skilled in getting the most out of it. You often know how to talk to your partner about how a relationship works, and you always make it work.

Empathy and compassion are often a challenge for you in a relationship. Really being in the world of your partner and seeing things from their perspective is difficult.

You might have a strong interest in deep friendships or even loving polyamorous romances outside of your relationship.

You have a good sexually active relationship, which is often challenging on the intimacy front. This is due to the separation between feelings of love and sexual feelings.

The Achiever in life

You are always going for the highest quality and you make sure you have the job you want, the life you want, and top that up with the material needs and requirements (nice clothes, nice car, nice house, etc.)

You are always setting your goals and have the ability to make them in time. In work as well as in life.

You are likely to have a leadership position in your work. The decisions you make often need to be valued by others. You know how to include others in the processes.

You are very likely to be very proud of what you do and have achieved.

You are also likely to be very good at sports and often put your heart and soul in it, so you will excel in what you do.

Simple exercises

A focus can be to embrace intimacy and practice surrendering.

Breathe with your partner and put a hand on your heart and lower tummy

Sit across from each other, look into each other's eyes and synchronize your breath

Try to see the other beyond your thoughts and judgment

Feel what happens

(If you don't have a partner, you can imagine someone)

Ask your partner or a friend to catch you when falling backward

(blindfolded if possible)

I want more

If you recognize yourself in this and you want to explore more, you can book a free 20-minute consultation or an introduction session with me, and we will go further into the characteristics and possibilities of the Achiever.

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